Science Communication

I am a lecturer in Science Communication. I teach at foundation, undergraduate and postgraduate levels, specifically focussing on online engagement and digital projects. I teach lectures on podcasts, online video, citizen science and other online content. I also teach on science and comedy and am weirded out that people let me do this.

At the level of research, my main interest is the use of methods from cultural evolution to look at how scientific information is transmitted online, in the lab, and in the real world. I have a special interest in the challenges of communicating issues relating to computer science and digital rights.

Language Evolution

My PhD and the majority of my previous research (and some current research) is on language evolution. How did human language get to be how it is? I am particularly interested in the emergence of linguistic structure (phonology, morphology and syntax) in both humans and non-human animals, and how modality (speech or sign), iconicity and social factors influence linguistic structure.

Scientific Illustration

Left is an illustration by me of a silverback gorilla with the laryngeal air sacs superimposed in white from Perlman and Salmi (2017) (doi: 10.1093/jole/lzx012)