I am a passionate activist in several domains. My main intersts are:

Gender Equality

I am Women's Officer for Bristol West Constituency Labour Party.

I am a Constituency Labour Party (Bristol West) delegate to the 2018 National Women’s Conference, and a CLP delegate to the Annual Conference.

I run public speaking courses for women in the Labour to increase the role of women as speakers at meetings and events, both in terms of women taking the podium, but also women asking questions and speaking to motions. See the public speaking page for more info.

Digital Rights

I am a local organiser for the Open Rights Group in Bristol.

I am currently employed on a research project looking at public perceptions of digital data collection in connection to "Smart Cities" and the use of that data for initiatives in robotics and a.i. More info here.

I was a panellist at the Royal Institution's "Unconference" on digital privacy.