Dr Hannah Little

Linguist, science communicator and comedian

Lecturer in Communication and Media
The University of Liverpool



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Babel Magazine

Series on how SciFi has influenced linguistic research and other articles

The Alien Linguist

I'm writing a book about language and science fiction, and alien perspectives.

My literary agent is Alexander Cochran at C&W

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TEDx Newcastle

Language Finds a Way. TEDx talk invited by Newcastle College

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Never Explain

Comedy Panel Show from Futures: European Researchers Night


At the minute, my research interests include the role of iconicity in language evolution, metaphor in science and technology communication, cognitive aspects of science communication, science fiction and comedy as tools for public engagement in science, and public understanding of data governance and rights.

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Selected Publications

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2022 Little, Hannah. The Science Communication of Don't Look Up. JCOM: Journal of Science Communication. JCOM 21 (05), C01. doi:10.22323/2.21050301

2022 Little, Hannah. The use of satire to communicate science in Don’t Look Up. JCOM: Journal of Science Communication. JCOM 21 (05), C06. doi:10.22323/2.21050306

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