Sci Comm Research

Currently, I am part of the following projects:

  • * The Great Escape. Investigating the impact of 'escape rooms' as science communication.
  • * SciRoc. EU Horizon project. Investigating public perceptions of robotics and A.I. at Smart City Robot Competitions.
  • * Royal Institution Christmas Lectures Evalution.

My sci comm research interests are cultural evolution, cognitive science, digital privacy/rights, comedy, games.

Teaching and Training in Sci Comm

I am a senior lecturer in the Science Communication Unit at UWE. I teach on the following programs:

  • Science, the Public and Media. MSc module.
  • Science and Society. MSc module.
  • Writing Science module. MSc module.
  • Science in Public Spaces module. MSc module.
  • Science on Air and on Screen module. MSc module.
  • Applied Research Methods. PGDip module.
  • Wildlife, Film and Media. BSc module.
  • Science Communication module. BSc module.
  • People and Science module. Foundation level course.

I teach on UWE's science communication masterclass. More information here.

I am a trainer on UWE's "Science Communication Building Blocks" CPD. I give sessions on: Getting started in science communication, Working with schools, Engaging hard to reach audiences, Inclusivity in science communication, Using social media to communicate, How to run a social media campaign for event promotion science. More sessions are available by my colleagues. The full list can be found here.

Events and Activities

I am a regular guest (first Monday of the month) on "Love and Science", a radio show and podcast hosted by Malcolm Love and Andrew Glester.

I have worked at, helped organise, or ran activities at:

  • The British Science Festival,
  • Newcastle Science Festival,
  • SciScreen,
  • Newcastle Community Festival,
  • Greenlight for Girls Days ,
  • The European Gender Summit,
  • BBC (Mr. Bloom’s Nursery Roadshow, Ready, Set, Grow!),
  • The Big Event
  • Past Lives

    In 2012, I worked at STEM Outreach, the STEMNET contract holders for North East England. I also coordinated the Nuffield Bursaries for the region.